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Posted on Nov 6

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Whitney Wolfe Herd
founder and CEO, Bumble


Tinder co-founder Wolfe launched dating app Bumble in 2014 to tackle sexism and empower women.


Bumble was created with the aim to be the first dating app that challenges traditional gender dynamics. Stereotypes continue to form great disadvantages, inequality and imbalance in society. Whitney Wolfe Herd aims to address this issue by introducing an app that empowers people, particularly women, to break through stereotypes and common allegations.

While Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with already existing contacts, Bumble aims to be the platform where strangers connect. Ms Wolfe Herd’s mission is to bring together people and create lasting, perhaps life-changing bonds between people.

With half of our time spent online, it is imperative to focus on creating positive digital behavior, spread kindness across channels and transform the way we connect. Ms Wolfe Herd states that our lives are made up by connections, whether that’s our loved ones, friends or professional network, our relationships define our health and well-being. There is a pressing need for platforms that enable people to build and cultivate relationships and networks.

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