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Posted on Nov 6

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Herman Narula
co-founder and CEO, improbable


Improbable co-founder Narula is building the Matrix. His company’s large-scale, complex simulations use virtual worlds to understand more about how we work, play, think and act.


With over $500 million raised in funding, Improbable’s is on a mission to power previously unmakeable games and answer previously unanswerable questions that lead to a better functioning world. As the numbers of gamers are on the raise, video games are predicted to have a drastic impact on our culture and societies. Gaming is going beyond just playing, it provides players with the possibility to create experiences, cultivate friendships, staring and streaming a common passion or even lead to a professional career.

With virtual realities, automation and cutting edge technologies dominating our future, Herman Narula is certain that the virtual word’s will not replace the real, but rather enrich our experiences with simulation that enables us to switch between worlds.

Herman Narula was presented the innovator of the year award.

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