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Posted on Nov 7

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Joy Buolamwini
founder, Algorithmic Justice League
founder, Code4Rights
With an introduction by Mustafa Suleyman , co-founder and head of applied AI, DeepMind


Joy Buolamwini is on a mission to fight bias in machine learning, a phenomenon she calls the “coded gaze”. She’s a social-impact technologist, short-form film-maker, speaker and poet of code based at MIT.



Machines are not neutral. F ace recognition is still behind when it comes to
gender differences, faces of color and youthful faces.

Algorithmic Justice League stands for:
  • Dare to ask uncomfortable questions
  • Data is destiny: we need data that reflects the world more profoundly.
  • Dare to listen to minorities and silent voices
  • Dare to change
  • Dare to dream of a more inclusive of a world that allows artificial intelligence to engage and empower everyone

Algorithmic Justice League aims to set international standards for face recognition.

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