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Posted on Nov 7

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Margrethe Vestager
EU Commissioner for Competition


Holding one of the most powerful positions in Europe, Margrethe Vestager is responsible for creating jobs, promoting growth and enforcing competition rules. Her decisions could change the way technology giants such as Google, Apple and Amazon operate.


After a decade of wow-effects about the empowerment and advandacement of technology, we are now moving into waters where we are more concious about how we utilize technology in the future. We are viewing it with a greater level of sensibility. The challenge at the EU Commission for Competition we face is to speed up the process but not compromise on the quality of the work we carry out. We need to work on safeguarding our virtual world just like our real world. The world needs a bigger eco-system to support the change in digitalization, in so many aspects. An diverse eco-system that empowers young generations, the disadvantaged, furthers collaborations and creates opportunities to thrive.

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