From Imagination to Innovation: How Great Companies Succeed

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Posted on Nov 7

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Omar Abbosh
chief strategy officer, Accenture


Omar Abbosh is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Accenture’s strategy, innovation programs and investments.


What does the fusion of human and machine intelligence mean for our society and business? It is not just fiction anymore, it has become
reality. Technological advancement is becoming cheaper every day, while information flow is at it’s peak. Compressive disruption squeezes investment possibilities. which hinders innovation and ultimately growth and positive change. According to Omar Abbosh, the answer lies within all things digital.

Companies that are mastering digital strategies, use them to discover new ways for funding, identify new revenue streams, but also grow their core business using strategies such as personalization.

A focus of innovation in the new era will be thinking of the nature of responsibility. Particularly at small scales, where innovation and great courage lead to achievement of greater things.

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