How Our Senses Change How Food Tastes

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Posted on Nov 9

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Charles Spence
professor of experimental psychology, Somerville College


Experimental psychologist Spence concocts dream-like food, drink and fragrances. He established the Oxford University’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory and collaborates with mixologists, baristas, chefs and perfumers on multi-sensory experiences.


Technology is starting to change how we experience food by using 3D food printing, robot chefs or even enhancing our dining experiences with audio and visuals. Researchers found out, that the louder the sound of a food experience, the more people enjoyable the food experience is perceived. Similarly with audio effects, high pitched tunes leave us with the impression of taste food 5-10% sweeter than what we would normally perceive. On the contrary however, low tunes add a a more savory note to a dining experience. Therefore, the use of technology can be seen as a new kind of cutlery in the gastronomy future.

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