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Posted on Nov 9

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Nico Rosberg
Former Formula One racing driver


With a racing record of 23 career wins and 30 pole positions, former Formula One racing driver Rosberg has a lifetime of experience in competition, training and winning.


Doing what one loves and becoming the best at it can only be fulfilled with a great sense of determination. Nico Rosberg finds that by simplifying life, focusing on few but important things, one gets a fair chance at reaching its fullest potential. The practice of awareness and mindfulness helps to create clarity and vision.

It is certain to say that car racing is far more than just a physical sport. Despite of losing an average of 4 liters of fluids during a two hour race, adrenaline and pain levels exceeding thresholds. During his remarkable twenty year career, Nico Rosberg learned the importance of the mental state of mind in this sport. He considers failure as a great motivator, an experience in which we learn the most and push ourselves the furthers.

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