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Posted on Nov 9

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Dr Elias Knubben
head of corporate bionic projects, Festo


Elias Knubben is responsible for the conceptual design and project management of the bionic projects at Festo, which takes principles from nature and applies them in technical applications and industrial practice. Its projects include the AirPenguin, the BionicOpter and eMotionButterflies.


Festo is on the pursuit of being at the forefront of automation technology. Their goal is to provide maximum productivity and competitiveness in factory and process automation.
Their approach to success is underpinned by the following:

  1. Work in interdisciplinary teams
  2. Find inspiring biological role models such as animals
  3. Get started quickly and easily
  4. Incubate ideas and put several irons in the fire
  5. Pursue several goals simultaneously
  6. Constantly zoom in and out and think in iterations and variants
  7. Define an 80% solution as a preliminary goal
  8. Generate strong images and provide insights
  9. Make achievements visible and promote communication and co-operation
  10. Focus on the essence of all things

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