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Posted on Nov 10

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Brian Mullins
Founder, DAQRI


Augmented reality company DAQRI has created professional-grade Smart Helmet to enhance human capabilities. Most recently, DAQRI has collaborated with the US Navy to use the Smart Helmet to train its Navy gunners.


Augmented reality demand and popularity are rising. Soon, we will be on a first name basis. However, with many new things, fear and uncertainty are fuelling thoughts such as that augmented reality will replace our common reality. The reason why we are afraid of such break-through technology is that it is advancing at speeds that it will outsmart us sooner or later and leaves us wondering whether we can compete with it in the first place. As Douglas Engelbart once stated, Artificial Intelligence does not have to be considered a threat to human kind, but more so an enhancement of our capabilities.
AR will transform the world we live in and enhance our knowledge due to its human-centred approach. Over the next few years, we will witness AR become an integral part of our cars for instance. As self-driving cars become the norm, AR will help us build a relationships with the car as it operates itself so that we can build a form of trust with it.

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