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Posted on Nov 10

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Matt Brittin
president, EMEA business and operations, Google


World Rowing Championships medallist-turned-Google Europe chief Matt Brittin is the company’s senior lead on strategy, opportunities and response to conditions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


I think there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur and innovator. Today, I would like to address some key trends and challenges in this particular field.

The pairing of technology with farming and agriculture continues to shape and drive the agricultural industry. From connected farms and soil-moisture sensors to autonomous tractors and livestock wearables, the industry is changing the way it farms. Farmers are using more advanced technology than just five years ago including satellite mapping, GPS controlled machinery, predictive analytics, drones, and robotics. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions allow farmers to convert raw data collected by sensors into valuable business insight.

With just over half of the world’s population being online and the rest yet to follow, we are facing exciting yet challenging times in the field of technology. Some examples include the rise of fake news, viral spreading of extremist violent content and dehumanization due to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We at Google believe that the important question to ask is how we can harness tech-tools to our benefit, create growth and positive change.

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